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The basics

Our aim is to save you an hour a day by helping you to work more efficiently.

clipzonk helps you collaborate with people inside and outside of your organisation. You can share documents, track actions and set up workspaces of different types including boards, meetings and projects. clipzonk provides a single central inbox that will help you track and share.

Advanced features

Our aim is to help you do things that you currently find difficult or impossible.

clipzonk helps you expand your network by allowing you to see who your company knows and how well you know them. If you need to get an introduction, clipzonk will tell you who is closest to the person with whom you wish to speak.

clipzonk provides free research and classification services, for example your contacts will automatically be classified by seniority, industry sector and company size, helping you to figure out where you are most connected.

Automate and standardise

clipzonk automates time consuming tasks, for example finding and distributing terms of reference, agendas, minutes and actions for meetings. No more emailing spreadsheets for people to complete and then spending ages collating answers.

Workspaces of different types (projects, boards, meetings etc.) come with pre-defined roles (Chairman, Chairwoman, Project Support etc.) so it is clear who is responsible for what in each workspace. Clear terms of reference help people to understand what they are supposed to be contributing both individually and as a team.


Dashboards help you understand the work you need to do. Whether it is seeing your workload, tracking meetings and actions or analysing your contacts by sector and how well you know them.

Free for those you work with

clipzonk has a free starter membership to both allow you to trial the service and also to ensure you can work with anyone without the worry of buying people licenses - they can also use it for free.